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so im spending the next week on summer work.
this sucks.

and my tan is almost gone-noooo!

hopefully my senior pics turned out.


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ahh so tired.

i went through and read my entries and realized that most of them are angry or said.
so im thinking i will list the good things of this summer:)

-getting closer with friends i lost touch with during the year
-going to nags head TWICE-and having my first offical long distance drive:-D said.
-losing 5 lbs and getting in better shape.
-enjoying my job
-realizing everyday that this is SENIOR year
-finishing 4 good books that aren't summer reading
-going to plaza azteca for the first time
-getting closer with my sister
-buying a fake kate spade bag and loving it:)
-getting tan!
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home from nyc and nags head.

new york was beautiful-i love it! Shopping was awesome, and i got some super cute stuff:-D.

nags head was so much fun-i laughed forever. i went jetskiing for the first time-lets just say it took me a little bit to get used to the bumps. I haven't laughed that hard in the longest time.

now i'm home being lazy and sleeping.


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Ok, so i definately went and spent 90 out of $110 on clothes the other night. Sam is such a bad influence-she kept telling me to buy stuff! lol. But i was really excited about all the stuff I got-four shirts a pair of shorts AND a bathing suit. how awesome is that?

this summer has been fun so far:) i've done something almost everyday! I was afraid I wouldn't be seeing much of my friends, but it hasn't been bad. Field Hockey is taking over my life-conditioning everyday for two hours and then games< eeeeeek. I hope I make the team then. If not it definately would be a waste.

i've been thinking alot lately about stupid and catty i can be. I wish i wasn't, but I just take things so personally, and it's like I'd rahter put up a bitchy attitude than act hurt. Hopefully I'll grow out of it.

I went to the gyno yesterday, definately not fun! That's one thing I will not enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

My parents divorce is offically final. June 16. We got the papers today and my mom cried:(. Hopefully it will help her move on.
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yay so im so glad its summer, even though it definately doesn't feel like it.

the job is good-im like in love with some of the waiters-they are sooo cute.

field hockey is good too...i don't totally suck *big smile*

im happy:)

and also very bored.

i go to new york in one week-YES!!!! shopping time.
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I may actually have a job.
A J-O-B.
I'm doing better-mean last entry, it just was a very bad day.
so i have another sinus infection. woohoo.
not really.
i go in for training on monday.
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hmm let's see. i got nothin. absolutely nothin. except that i'm running for president. but thats about it.

vote for meeee:)
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Happy Valentines Day!!

No valentine for me. its ok though because i passed out the cutest valentines today. they were carebear.and made me smile:). this has to be short so i'll update later.
leave love for today.